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Mold is a microscopic multicellular fungus that is naturally present in the air. Certain levels of mold are normal and are safe. Certain amount of mold is present everywhere and it cannot be completely removed. However, when this normal level of mold exceeds the normal limit, results can be harmful. Mold remediation companies aim to bring these levels back to normal. Mold growth has been observed to grow rapidly, when confronted with water. Therefore, dampness and moisture to your property can trigger excessive growth of mold. Mold remediation companies can solve the issue of high levels of mold by providing professional mold remediation services.

Proper mold remediation includes deep inspection of even inaccessible places of the property as mold can grow in the parts that are no so common identified. As being the best mold remediation company in Utah, it must be able to do properly deep inspection and check for possible mold sites. A major reason for sudden mold growth is water. Moisture can greatly boost mold growth and so a good mold remediation company should know all the moisture causing factors and sources to control the moisture and then do the treatment to control mold.

Asset Environmental Services are a team of expert mold removers, who have been working for mold remediation in Utah for a very long time. Among the common mold remediation companies in Utah, we have emerged as the best mold remediation company. We work by devising a treatment plan that includes work starting and ending date, onsite technician, estimated costs and extent of mold growth. We work under the guidelines set by the government that divide the process into six levels of mold remediation. Our workers will isolate the contaminated area, suppress the dust and remove moisturized materials that may be affected by mold. Contact our team of Asset Environmental Services, the best mold remediation company to get the best mold remediation services at the most affordable prices.

Mold Testing

Mold testing, also known as mold sampling is basically the process of collecting air and surface samples to check the extent of mold in the sample and also the type of mold. Based on the results obtained from mole testing, a mold remediation company will decide the best possible way to remediate the mold. Most commonly, samples are taken from the air using the spore trap process, which works by analyzing the mold quantity and mold type that passes through particular volume of air sample. Secondly, samples can also be taken from common surfaces. The samples can be taken directly in bulk, using swabs or tapes. In all the processes, stains are added to the samples, which spores can absorb and then observations are made.

Asset Environmental Services provides best mold testing in Utah. Although many types of mold are generally harmless, some mold types like black mold can be dangerous can can pose serious health threats. Call our expert team of mold remediation for professional mold testing in Utah. Our technicians have been in mold removal business for years and we have the best team and equipment to accurately test mold and then remediate it for a healthy and a good environment for your safety and health. Call the experts of Asset Environmental Services to get professional mold testing in Utah.

Mold Inspection

Routine Mold inspection is very important to check the air quality and mold extent. You must also get the mold inspection done when purchasing a new home. With a new property, you do not know about the water damage that may have had taken place. Mold inspection in Odgen can help you check any water damage and mold problem because of that water damage in that property. In areas with warm temperatures and high humidity, a house that has been cosed for too long can be greatly responsible for mold growth. An effective mold inspection can help you in knowing the existing mold condition of that house.

Mold inspection in Odgen can also be used to check the effectiveness of a mold remediation treatment that you may have recently get done. Another key thing to notice is that mold inspection and mold testing are two different things. But both the terms are interrelated. The basic of the two, the mold inspection aims to only check the presence of mold. Mold inspection will let you know if your place has excessive mold or not and if it has high mold problem, mold inspection will give you the area of infestation in square foots. On the other hand, mold testing identifies the type of mold and limit if mold spores in the sample. You can contact Asset Environmental Services to get professional mold inspection in Utah at the most reasonable prices.

Mold Remediation

You may have mold and toxic material present in your home or business without even realizing it. Mold hides in the nooks and crannies of your building, growing everywhere from inside of the washing machine to underneath your cupboards.

Toxic spores are released from the mold and they are harmful to breathe. According to Mayo Clinic, 93% of chronic sinus infections are linked to mold. This only one of many potential health hazards that are brought on by mold. Our mold remediation services offer quick toxicity and mold removal for your peace of mind.

Our mold remediation includes:

  • Certified mold inspections
  • Mold clean up
  • Mold treatment
  • Toxicity and mold removal
  • Mold and toxic material testing
  • And more

Our mold remediation services focus on getting the mold levels in your home back to safe, normal levels. Additionally, since we use a dry fog solution, your home will be completely dry once we are finished with the mold remediation. Don’t let spores continue to grow in your home, give our experts a call today at (435) 764-2400. Our mold remediation will take care of your mold problem in a matter of no time. We proudly provide assistance to residents of Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, Logan, Utah as well as the Western United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Washington.