Like mold, meth can cause serious problems and require proper meth remediation services if meth is found at your commercial or residential property. Meth, abbreviated for methamphetamine is an addictive stimulant that can be smoked, ingested or injected. In processed form, the drug is in the form of a tablet or powder, while the natural crystalline meth has a bluish a glossy look. Meth inspection in Utah is very important to check its content of contamination. Checks after meth inspection require meth remediation to properly remediate it. Asset Environmental Services has been providing professional meth remediation services in Utah for years and we have successfully decontaminated hundreds of properties. Our team has skilled workers, who have been adequately trained to provide effective meth remediation for properties contaminated by meth labs.

If you are also not sure if your property is meth free or not, you need to have a meth testing treatment for your property. You need to hire a good meth testing team because meth contamination is not visible to naked eye and it does not have a smell. Only a professional meth testing in Utah will let you know about the presence of meth contamination and will decide if your property needs meth decontamination in Utah. Studies show that regular meth testing has effectively given encouraging results and in many cases the need of meth decontamination treatments was felt. Meth testing can also safe your money as an early detection can get a less expensive meth remediation in Utah.

Meth decontamination requires means proper meth house cleanup in Utah, which can only be done by a professional meth remediation company like Asset Environmental Services. Our contractors are adequately experienced to provide proper meth cleanup in Utah. With meth testing in Utah, you can discourage your tenants from possibly making and consuming meth in your house and you can also be safe by providing your tenants a safer and a meth free house. Landlords may face legal actions from new moving tenants if they find the property to be contaminated. Call the professionals at Asset Environmental Services to get the best meth decontamination and meth cleanup in Utah.

Meth Remediation and Meth Cleanup in Salt Lake City, Logan, Ogden, and Surrounding areas

Meth removal, also known as meth decontamination or meth cleanup, is a rather new, but unfortunately, necessary and growing service that requires certified meth inspections to both residential and commercial properties. Meth remediation includes testing samples and if needed, full remediation under the requirements of the law.  We focus on a conservative, step-by-step approach to meth cleanup, making sure each site is safe for people after we are finished.


We travel all over Utah as one of the top meth cleanup firms in Salt Lake City and the greater SLC area.  Whether you are in Salt Lake, Ogden, Northern Utah, or St. George, we will come to you to help with your meth issue.  We are one of the best meth remediation companies in the state and mountain West, but we make an effort to learn, grow, and alter our methods every day.


While some firms may jump to complete destruction of the interior of the property, we focus on giving you meth cleanup options, using a variety of safe chemicals and methods to ensure that your meth decontamination issue is handled with a high level of technical skill and compassion.  Often, we save homeowners thousands of dollars when we are involved in a project.


Let us help with your meth cleanup, and you’ll know why more and more people are choosing AES… The professionals with the local touch.


We perform meth cleanup and meth decontamination in all of the major meth contamination areas of Utah, including Ogden for meth cleanup, and Tooele for meth remediation, meth cleanup, and meth decontamination services.


Methamphetamine vapors can recrystallize on surfaces like cabinets, doors, walls, and floors and can be absorbed through the skin upon contact. This increases the risk of 3rd hand meth ingestion affecting family, children, and pets who may come in contact with the dangerous substances residue.


Some effects of meth ingestion can result in:


  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of concentration
  • Itchiness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Headaches
  • Convulsions
  • Death of pets
  • And more


This is why Asset Environmental Services stresses following strict EPA guidelines for removing methamphetamine residue, in their meth decontaminiation services. Providing full meth removal for the health and safety of you and your family is our priority.


If you’re experiencing some of these problems, and are interested in potential meth cleanup services, contact us at (435) 764-2400. We proudly service Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, Logan, Utah as well as the Western United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Washington.


FAQ’s for Meth, Meth Cleanup, & Meth decontamination

I’m worried that my house has meth in it from someone smoking or cooking it.  I can’t believe this happened.  What should I do?

Take a deep breath. You can perform a simple swab test to check. Proper testing is the only way to know for sure if the property is contaminated. Anyone can do the testing but depending on the situation, you may need state recognized results from someone who performs certified legal confirmation sampling, like Asset Environmental Services. Give us a call and we can help. 435-764-2400

My house tested positive for methamphetamine. What are my options?

The State of Utah has a threshold of 1.0ug (microgram) per 100cm². This is the legal limit at which certified decontamination is required by law. A house can test positive but still be below the State standard. If the results are low enough, meth cleanup work may not be required, but you might opt to have it decontaminated anyway. If you are unsure how to read the test report or just have general questions please give us a call and we will be happy to help. 435-764-2400

What are the Utah State regulations and requirements for meth cleanup?

In the case that a property has tested above the legal limit, homeowners should work closely with remediators to understand the workplan, what items must be disposed of by rule (typically porous and soft material items) and what can be cleaned on site. Situations may change based on the location in the home where meth was used, the proximity to air returns, and whether or not the drug was manufactured on site. The links below can give you a much more in depth understating of the requirements here in Utah or you can call us with any questions. 435-764-2400

My rental property tested positive for meth…help! What do I do now?

Make sure your tenants are safe first. This includes units that may share an HVAC system from the unit where testing occurred.

Next, contact your insurance. Meth contamination is usually not covered under the typical policy, however, vandalism and/or smoke damage might be.

Is the property vacant or occupied? If the property is vacant the process of decontaminating can start right away. If occupied, the tenant needs to be relocated or must leave during the meth cleanup process. The Decontamination Specialist will need to remove and dispose of the porous item and decontaminate and test the non-porous item for the tenant.

I recently put a home on the market, and a potential buyer requested a meth test. I’ve never used meth or known it to be used on the property, but the test came back positive. How is this possible and what do I do?

You have a few options depending on the amount of meth found.

Option 1: Retest. If the levels found are low it is best to retest and verify the findings. High levels could also be tested in specific locations to narrow the scope of potential contamination.

Option 2: If the levels are high, you could opt to decontaminate yourself, or have the new buyer do it. We are free to consult. Call us with any questions you might have. 435-764-2400

My property needs to be decontaminated. Can I help to reduce cost? What stays and what goes in this situation.

A homeowner has the legal right to clean their own property, but we do not recommend this practice. Exposure to the drugs used in methamphetamine can be harmful. In addition, thorough cleanup is difficult without specific training. During a meth cleanup project, only hard non-porous items can be decontaminated. Items to be removed and disposed of include carpet, carpet pad, drop ceiling tiles, acoustical ceiling tiles, insulated or flex ductwork, and exposed insulation. There are some situations in which carpet does not need to be destroyed….and this is why you should consult with us first. Even if you clean the property yourself, it will be necessary to have it tested by a certified decontamination specialist to clear it for safety if initial tests showed above 1.0 ug/100 cm2. To schedule a time for us to come and look at your property and talk with you about your options, call 435-764-2400.

How much does it cost to decontaminate a meth house?

No firm will be able to be accurate in answering this question until they see the property. In most cases, the cost is determined by a mix of the amount of labor required to remove material, the amount of chemical and application labor required, and the amount of anticipated time on the project. Most homes take about 10 business days to complete a full decontamination process, including administration and on site labor.

Decontamination costs are based on a number factors: how big is the house? Does the decontamination need to be completed in the garage or other buildings as well as the main structure? What is the contamination level? Was a cook lab found at the property or is it just a user site? Is the property a mess? These are the main questions you need to be prepared to answer when you request estimates. For a free estimate shoot us a call and we can come right out. 435-764-2400

Can meth use in one apartment contaminate adjacent units?

In most cases, the simple answer is no. However, if the units share a HVAC system or have any other means by which air can travel between units, then it would be best to test all units that share heat ducts or other air supply.

How long does the meth cleanup process take and what are the steps?

Most properties can be decontaminated in about two weeks. First a work plan needs to be created and submitted to the local health department for a permit. Next the decontamination process begins and depending on the size of the house can take anywhere from a few days to a week. Then all areas need to be tested and the tests submitted to the lab for analysis, this can take up to 5 business days to get results back. After all that a final meeting is scheduled with the health department to go over the results and clear the property – then you have your house back. Every situation is different, so feel free to reach out for clarification. 435-764-2400

What personal items can be cleaned on site?

Clothing that you can wash in a washing machine, bedding, and other washable materials are all fine. You will likely need to dispose of porous furniture, like mattresses and couches. Items that are extremely difficult to clean, like small electronics, likely need to be thrown away. We really don’t advise you take any risk in keeping an item that you don’t need to.

I’m buying a house, do I need to test it for meth?

We recommend it. Utah has a long history with methamphetamine. There’s really no reason to take an unnecessary risk.

Who can complete meth testing?

Anyone can perform a simple meth test. In order for your results to be recognized by the state, testing must be done by a decontamination specialist. You can have a home inspector do a simple test if you have a blanket desire to be sure you don’t have an issue. If something comes up, have us come in to verify or weigh in on the situation. Phone calls are free. We can be discreet and talk through your questions. 435-764-2400

How do I read the meth test lab report and what does it mean?

There are usually 4 numbers on a lab report that provide the necessary info.

1- “Sampling Parameter: Area” This refers to the total area tested on an individual swab. Each area tested should total 100cm². So if the Sampling Parameter: Area is 300cm² then 3 areas were tested on 1 swab.

2- “ug/sample” This number is the total amount of meth found on the swab that was given to the lab. If this number is greater than 1.0, the property is in need of proper meth cleanup and decontamination. In the case of results less than one microgram, you may still want to have the property properly decontaminated.

3- “ug/100cm²” This number is the “ug/sample” divided by the “Sampling Parameter”. When sampling is done correctly, this number can be a more definitive guide to the actual concentration levels of contamination in the property.

4- “RL ug/sample” is the Reporting Limit of the lab. In most cases it will be .10 meaning any results less than .1 will be reported as “ND” or Non-Detectable.

Reach out to contact anyone at Asset Environmental if you have questions or need pricing on a decontamination. 435-764-2400

Service Areas

We provide Logan Meth Cleanup, Ogden Meth Cleanup, as well as Cache County Meth Cleanup.  Cache County and Weber County are closest to us, but we often do meth cleanup and remediation in Salt Lake City, Orem, and Tooele.  As a full service meth remediation firm, we’ll come to you wherever you are in Utah.


Asset Environmental Services is on the cutting edge of the battle against dangerous drugs. If you believe that you have any other drug use on property that could effect your home, we can advise you on the most up to date cleaning methods and hazards known in the industry.

Fentanyl is spreading rapidly across the country as an alternative to heroin. This drug creates similar complications on property as methamphetamine. While there is no current legislation in Utah regarding the clean up of this drug, we advise you to reach out to us or another qualified firm of decontamination specialists for help. 435-764-2400