Biohazard, Suicide Cleanup, Post Mortem Crime Scene Cleanup and Death Cleanup Services in Ogden Utah

Biohazard cleanup refers to complete cleanup and sanitation of the site where a crime, suicide or an accident has taken place. Biohazard cleanup is also known as crime scene cleanup and post mortem cleanup and preferably includes removing living body materials such as blood, and body liquids for everyone’s safety. Although Crime scene cleanup required no specific study or certification, a biohazard cleaner must have training in pathogen protective equipment use. Workers from a wide range of professions like law enforcement, medical and biohazard management can be suitable to work for post mortem cleanup in Utah.

As mentioned, biohazard cleanup does not require a person to have specified education. But the job is quite demanding and can put a cleaner in stressful situations. Not only the person needs to be physically strong because of long working hours but he should also be mentally strong to face tragic situations. Biohazard cleanup may be required at a number of places like sewage backups, crime scenes, animal remains, meth lab clean ups or chemical spills. Any of these tasks may require emergency service and an efficient biohazard cleanup must be able to show up at the scene quickly with all requires tools and cleaners.

Asset Environmental Services is a champion in Post mortem cleanup in Utah. Our cleaners are very professional and they are well trained to handle such scenes and provide best biohazard remediation and save the persons nearby. We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment to everyone by cleaning and disposing the crime scene substances properly as per rules and regulations. We have all the required knowledge and equipment to transform any biohazard scene back to a healthy and a clean place. You can call our team today to get the best Post mortem cleanup in Utah.

Unattended Death Cleanup

No one should have to clean up a home or room after the passing of a loved one. With compassion and responsiveness, our owners and team of licensed, highly trained technicians will personally clean and sanitize any space after the passing of a loved one.

Whether we simply dispose of items or hand clean family heirlooms, we will take the time and care to correctly disinfect, dispose, and wash clean any bodily fluids or bio-contaminants from any space. From complete construction demolition and proper disposal to simple odor removal, we can handle any job after an unattended death. Call 435-764-2400 in order to get information on how we handle cleanup of an unattended death.


Decomposition Cleanup

Contaminated homes after the death of any living organism require special consideration in order to ensure proper sanitation, removal of odors, and removal of staining. Allow us to help you handle any decontamination issue. Decomposition can be overwhelming to anyone. We know how to help. Call 435-764-2400 to handle any decomposition cleanup need.


Suicide Cleanup

Suicide cleaning requires special care and compassion when dealing with family and friends. We can make the process discreet and easy, without creating friction or confrontation at the time of service. By completely sanitizing a home, families can return to a more normal flow of life sooner. In most situations we can provide service without immediately handling payment, and many cases go directly through insurance. For immediate assistance with suicide cleanup call 435-764-2400.


Trauma cleanup

Serious injuries on a work site or in a public place can cause serious complications. Allow us to clean up after a trauma and save you worry, time, and unneeded hassle.

We here at Asset Environmental Services provide specialty cleanup safely and within the law and requirements of the State of Utah. For any death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup need, call Asset Environmental Services at 435-764-2400.


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From left to right, Jeremy Taylor (master technician), Ben Gochberg (decontamination expert, owner), Chad Merrill (master technician).