We use a pretty cool method to be able to clean out a window A/C unit. This same method can be applied to a variety of hard to reach areas, like HVAC, wall cavities, etc.

We turn on your A/C unit fan, and using a dry fog method, we pressurize the interior space where the A/C unit is in the home to a high density of chemical that will interact with and break down mold.

The unit will circulate the chemical fog, thus breaking down mold anywhere where it could be occurring within the unit. This method works incredibly well on large and complex HVAC systems where mold, sanitation, or even meth are a concern as well.

Once the fog has dwelled in the space for about 15 minutes, nearly 99.9% of all contagions are destroyed. It’s important to note that this method does not simply kill mold, but actually breaks down the protein in the cell walls of mold spores, rendering any hyphae and spore material completely inert.

After completion and airing out the space, the unit and the room can be dusted as normal, even by a person with higher mold sensitivity, and no complications will occur.

Hope this helps. Reach out anytime.