Mold can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. People who have a sensitivity to certain types of mold can be especially reactive when mold enters their system. In office buildings or construction older than 15 years or so, there’s also the possibility that HVAC and air circulation could be below par.

When buildings experience water issues, especially when owned by companies instead of individuals, they have a tendency to be left for longer periods of time. Companies often take a long time to make decisions, and as a result, leave plenty of time for mold to grow.

If mold has been growing in a building, it can start to effect individuals nearly right away. Prolonged exposure to ‘black mold’ (stachybotrys) has been shown to have even further negative effects.

That said, the environment should be professionally tested and reported by a qualified company that can support your suspicions with data. In addition, you likely have a local doctor that could diagnose if you have a sensitivity to certain molds.

Try to improve the ventilation in your personal space as much as possible, and make sure to report the situation up your chain of command if you feel there is a legitimate concern.