Commercial Mold Sanitation

Mold infestations can gradually destroy the things they grow on, so by choosing commercial mold sanitation and eliminating mold growth, you are protecting your investment as well as preventing health hazards that could potentially harm your students, employees, or tenants. As public concern has become more aware of mold and its possible health hazards, commercial mold sanitation services have become a reality that schools, businesses, and apartments have started regularly considering.

Molds can grow on virtually any organic surface or material provided oxygen and moisture. Moisture is one of the crucial keys to the development of mold, along with restricted ventilation can potentially leave moisture build-up.

Asset Environment Services follows the EPA standards of assessing and cleaning mold including:

  • Considering and remedying the possibility of hidden mold
  • Checking and sanitizing the inside of air ducts and air handling units
  • Identifying toxic mold species
  • Hazard clearance
  • And plenty more

Are you a principal, business owner, or building manager that suspects their building might need commercial mold sanitation services? Contact Asset Environment Services at (435) 764-2400, servicing Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, Logan, Utah as well as the Western United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Washington.